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May My Heartbreak Rest In Peace

For what has felt like
one hundred years
you have left me
broken, trashed, scattered
on the side of the road

When will I see you next?

I have learned how to
live on my own
but still this loneliness
engulfs my soul
as I venture down the road

Is this really the end?

The bitter cold keeps
biting my skin
a never-ending torment of
pain, fury and rage
as I keep moving forward

When will my heart let go?

After all of the strife
a new horizion
finally breaks and I
can see a new beginning
blossom inside of me

Why did I think that I needed you?

Good-bye to all of my
suffering, tears and regret
may you rest in peace
as I ascend to this heaven
that I have finally found

Why didn't I let go sooner?

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Excellent use of line breaks. I like how
the poem dips into pain and reaches resolution.
Most poems of this nature leave the pain open,
as if pain is all there will ever be.
Love the last line :)

I agree with greeneyegrey, there--the line breaks are fantastic. Really well done setting off each stanza and creating a slightly different mood for each. :)

Nice. I like how the hope slowly but surely begins to blossom from the folds of the poem through the italicised lines. Although, 'ascend to this heaven' does spark some morbid undertones to me.

Still, a very good poem :)

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