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A Dance With Demons

Where am I?

I fall into the depths
clawing at the open air
for a thread of hope

Eyes burning
Skin crawling
Mind breaking

Nothing can stop them
from bestowing this
horrific fate upon me

A splash echoes throughout
the crimson kingdom
as I sink into the murky water

Lungs shriveling
Body trembling
Mind breaking

Why must this happen?
I thought that there was a

I spin around, falling out
of the water and into my
worst nightmare

Heart pounding
Chest heaving
Mind breaking

This can't be happening
because there's good in the world

Demons - armies of them
dance around my withering body
chanting as their eyes seep blood

Fear rising
Hope dissipating
Mind breaking

This is all a figment of my
imagination, otherwise
I would be dead

The demons' grins slide up their
sleek black faces, their fangs
glistening under the moonlight

Tears gushing
Strength dwindling
Mind breaking


They pounce on top of me
Ripping away all of my hope
all of dreams



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=) hey Ms.Cross from fictionpress, it's me Rayne :P I have a question for ya- why the hell don't you put up poems on fictionpress??? o.o I mean damn, this was cool to read ^^ Glad to see you have a live journal up ;) sweetness

Thanks! :] I'll probably be posting my poetry soon, once I get it all together xD oh yeah! can you go to my 1st entry & comment on that? that would mean SO much to me! thanks! :)

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