Twisted Logic

where darkness thrives...

May My Heartbreak Rest In Peace

For what has felt like
one hundred years
you have left me
broken, trashed, scattered
on the side of the road

When will I see you next?

I have learned how to
live on my own
but still this loneliness
engulfs my soul
as I venture down the road

Is this really the end?

The bitter cold keeps
biting my skin
a never-ending torment of
pain, fury and rage
as I keep moving forward

When will my heart let go?

After all of the strife
a new horizion
finally breaks and I
can see a new beginning
blossom inside of me

Why did I think that I needed you?

Good-bye to all of my
suffering, tears and regret
may you rest in peace
as I ascend to this heaven
that I have finally found

Why didn't I let go sooner?

Thank You For The Heartbreak

You drew me in
with your compelling smile
with your dreamy eyes
with your silky smooth voice

I didn't have a second to breathe
so I could realize that it was all a

Whenever I heard your voice
I could feel my hands trembling
I could feel my skin tingle
I could feel my heart crawl up my throat

Everything that you spoke to me
was a complete lie, that I

Now, you're heart belongs to another woman
Leaving me behind with my confusion
Leaving me behind with my rage
Leaving me behind with my shattered heart

Why didn't I see that dark twinkle in your eyes
when I gazed into them? I was just a


If laughter makes you live longer
than you and I are going to be
living forever

Sometimes, I wish to only get
closer to you, but my mind
screams at me not to

Your smile is contagious

I tell myself to only remain
friends, so I don't ruin our

Why does love have to be the
most confusing aspect of life?

Your eyes are alluring

Why do you have to be
so hard to resist?
Can't you just stop it? 

Because whenever I look into
your eyes, my heart instanly
flutters away into the sky

Your heart I want to be mine

For My Sake
purple punk

Every time I gaze into your
dreamy, alluring eyes
a streak of pure crimson
blazes inside of them

"What's wrong?" 
I ask, but the only
thing that you say is

I can feel your pain
It's crushing my soul

"Don't lie to me," I speak
My arms hugging your
withering body upon seeing
your grim face

That very second, you
pour out your heart to me
all of the pain, stress and tears
flooding my mind

I give and give
yet get nothing back

I try to shed some light
onto your gruesome situation
but I can still see the pain
course through your dull eyes

"What can I do to help?" I question
after all of my failed attempts
You answer with a
"I don't know."

I need you more than
you need me

After another day of
worry, sobs and depression
I can still see a twinkle in those
dark eyes of yours

"Please, don't give up
for my sake," I tell you,
yet you're still completely

For my sake, please

A Dance With Demons

Where am I?

I fall into the depths
clawing at the open air
for a thread of hope

Eyes burning
Skin crawling
Mind breaking

Nothing can stop them
from bestowing this
horrific fate upon me

A splash echoes throughout
the crimson kingdom
as I sink into the murky water

Lungs shriveling
Body trembling
Mind breaking

Why must this happen?
I thought that there was a

I spin around, falling out
of the water and into my
worst nightmare

Heart pounding
Chest heaving
Mind breaking

This can't be happening
because there's good in the world

Demons - armies of them
dance around my withering body
chanting as their eyes seep blood

Fear rising
Hope dissipating
Mind breaking

This is all a figment of my
imagination, otherwise
I would be dead

The demons' grins slide up their
sleek black faces, their fangs
glistening under the moonlight

Tears gushing
Strength dwindling
Mind breaking


They pounce on top of me
Ripping away all of my hope
all of dreams




Dear my pain and misery,
why must you have haunt me
each and every day?
Can't you just
vanish for at least
one, single second?
I miss the times
when joy and
reigned inside of my
pulsing heart, but
now I am lost in the
swirling, ravaging pool of
darkness and despair.
And as the loneliness
swallows me whole
along with my withering
the enraged and seething screams
echoe inside of my hollow mind.
So, please
I beg of you
to just disappear for at least
one, single second
so I can fill up
my soul with

Watch It Fall Apart

Hello all!

Well, this is my first post! :). Anyways, I'm trying to work on Rise From The Ashes but I'm really not in the mood to write. I don't know why, but I just don't want to, which isn't like me. Probably because of all the family drama going on.

Anyways, I wanted to ask you what your thoughts are on the WHOLE book so far. Likes? Dislikes? Who should be a couple? Favorite Characters? Characters you hate? Anything like that. :). That would mean a lot to me if you replied to this. Thanks!



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